Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

December 8, 2013

Dear loved ones,

As I sit at home this morning with a child who isn’t feeling well, I am grateful to have time to ponder my blessings.  Time is a hot commodity these days, isn’t it?

2013 has been good to the Kent family.  The very first day of this year, instead of our usual hike or walk on the beach, we were able to unpack boxes and put together beds for our children in our new home. We love it!  The first year of home ownership is a little stressful, but we have made it and have loved it. I love hearing Jonathan working on his self-inflicted “honey-do” list.  We have enjoyed working on projects and dreaming together as we combine our tastes and design interests.  The kids have been working on their paint choices and décor wishes for their rooms.  Elina and Isaac have the biggest challenge (how do you combine camouflage and princesses?) We love our neighborhood with the bike path and park and lots of children.  Our neighbors are wonderful people! They are great examples to us of Christ-like giving.

One of the biggest highlights for us this year was a family trip to Oahu to see my sister Else and her family.  Twenty-six Lassen’s traveled over for the occasion.  It was so much fun and very memorable.  I feel at home in Hawaii, wrapped up in love and warmth when I’m there.  My favorite is Laie and the North Shore, of course! Many people helped make this trip possible for us. 

Audrey has had a busy year, turning a big 13! The cheer coach approached her and me after a Baila Folklorico performance at school in April.  Mrs. Tedrick said, “I’ve got to have her on the team! Try outs are on Monday.”  Audrey has really enjoyed cheer this year.  She’s a great addition to a good team.  They will go to Nationals in February.  It has kept her working hard and I’m so proud of her.  She has spent some time working at Lassen’s and babysitting to earn money for all the fun things she wants to do. Audrey’s favorite past time is cooking treats.  She made me a turquoise birthday cake and a delicious pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving.

Adalyn is 11 and continues to move us with her angelic voice. I love hearing her sing all through the house. She was really nervous to start middle school, but found it was a lot of fun and she is doing quite well.  Her older sister’s friends have made the transition easy.  They love her.  She’s pretty easy to love, such a cutie.  Adalyn is starting to babysit also.  She is anxious to do more of it.  She really goes the “extra mile” when she does anything.  Speaking of miles, she’s a good little runner.  Yesterday, she cranked out 3 miles with a nice stride.  She averages about 8 ½ minute miles.

Isaac is 8 now and was baptized a member of our church yesterday, by his dad.  It was a great day.  We moved Isaac to our neighborhood school this year.  He has struggled with the move, more than I could have imagined, but is coming into his own.  He did great in Tae Kwon Do, making it to his blue belt.  We are taking a break from that for a little while.  Isaac loves playing with his friends.  Anything to get away from all the girls, sometimes!  He is a sweet boy, with a cute giggle.  He really likes science in school and math is pretty easy for him.  We are encouraging that!

Elina is as cute as they come at 3 years old.  She’s such a big talker with a huge imagination.  I make the mistake to think she’s older than she is because of this sometimes.  She is BUSY!  People say, “Everyone’s got to have one”.  Well, she’s the one.  As busy as she is, she has a sweet disposition, is quick to say, “I’m sorry”, and wants to be good.  She likes to make potions, sing songs, and make up dances.  Audrey and Adalyn teach her ballet. It is so cute. She loves all things princess, but really likes Legos and Pokemon, too.  Poor girl!

Jonathan got to take a trip to Toy Fair in February with Uncle Milton’s.  It was held in New York City.  He worked hard, but got to do a little sight seeing at night and on the last day he was there.  His favorite place was Ground Zero.  He continues to be absolutely amazing.  Last night, I was so tired after a long week (as was he!).  He sent me to my bed and after a Nerf gunfight with Adalyn and Isaac; he had them help him do the dishes.  That’s just the kind of man he is. 

So, as you can see, we are happy and have so much to be thankful for.  We have our difficult days, but we are thankful for a Savior who hears our “soul’s complaint… and lives to bless in time of need”.  He lives! We are so thankful for Him. We hope you know how much we are thankful for you and the role you play in our lives. Merry CHRISTmas!

*Photo taken by my talented sister, Mette Griffith*


t5winmom said...

Kirst - I can hear your sweet voice as I read this! You always focus on the positives. You are a wonderful example. LOVE to you, JB, & my cute nieces & nephew!

Laura said...

fun update! so good to hear what you and your family are doing! did you post pictures of your new house? still in camarillo?

Debi Lassen said...

beautifully written,Kirsten. I sure love you and am so thankful I was blessed to have you for a daughter. We are so happy your family was able to buy a home here in Camarillo and hope you will never move away from's so great to be a part of each other's lives so often.
Merry, Merry Christmas.

Us! said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up your family is! Loved the update. Love you and your family! Sure wish we could catch up sometime in person. Love you!